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BHU Umwelttechnik GmbH has deep know-how, being predestinated to solve almost every technology and process requirement in water, wastewater and sludge treatment in both dimensioning and implementation. Furthermore, we are using advanced and unique technologies for, chemical-physical, biological and thermal applications.



Process- and Drinkingwater Supply

For the preparation of potable water, we use technologies like LHPS, BAF and/or SMF as well as disinfection, depending on the raw water quality.

Wastewater Treatment
and Polishing

Every wastewater stream exceeding local discharge standards has to be purified. The aim is that local environment is not affected. BHU supplies all necessary technologie treating any wastewater to any discharge limits.


Sugar Factory 

Wastewater Treatment

Sugar beets are the main source of sugar in northern countries. Usually, beets are washed, cut into pieces and boiled out. The liquid with the sugar is evaporated.

Municipal Sludge Treatment

Sludge from municipal wastewater treatment is a major global issue. Agricutural application is more and more hindered by tight limits for heavy metals, persistent organic compounds or even pathogenic germs.

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