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Who we are

BHU is an important part of ALMAWATECH with over 20 years of international experience in plant engineering. ALMAWATECH and BHU have developed and successfully implemented both complete technical solutions and individual modular systems. 

BHU offers state-of-the-art technologies, processes and systems for water treatment as well as wastewater and sludge treatment for industrial and municipal applications. 

Our know-how makes us a reliable partner who supports you in all project phases: from planning to the turnkey plant. BHU's focus on optimized technology has led to the development of our own technologies (LHPS reactor, BiosS-Treat® filtration, biofiltration for wastewater, StR process for municipal sludge disposal). 

Since our company was founded, we have built a total of +200 plants with a hydraulic capacity of up to 4,000 m3/h, including ten notable plants in China.

BHU Umwelttechnik GmbH - Office
BHU headquarters

Our company moved in February 2018. We are a lean and specialized team with head office in Leonberg (Stuttgart area), Germany. Our Chinese subsidiary is located in Qingdao.

Left: Dipl. Ing. Stefan Köppel (Managing Director BHU), Center: Johanna Hüther (Managing Director & Owner), Right: Gottlieb Hupfer (Managing Director & Owner)
Headquarters: Babenhausen

Located near Frankfurt am Main, our technicians, engineers and scientists research new processes for water and wastewater treatment, develop hardware and software for the control system and provide support for the maintenance and operation of the plants and systems.

Location: Essen

In Essen, we operate a technology center for water chemistry and develop and produce sustainable resources for maintaining water cycles, treating wastewater and for use in membrane separation technology and reverse osmosis systems. 

Location: Linz (Austria)

In Linz, we will be presenting our three main product lines ALMAWATECH, BHU and ALMA AQUA. We are thus combining modular, compact systems from ALMAWATECH with engineering and systems from BHU with efficient operating resources in one place.

Location: Parana and Marina (Brasil)

Our subsidiary Eco Alma Tratamento De Efluentes Ltda builds and operates disposal centers for industrial wastewater in Londrina Parana and Maringa. The respective wastewater is delivered by various industrial customers and treated in the disposal centers developed in-house. 

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