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References: Sugar Factory Wastewater Treatment

Schweizer Zucker AG –Bara Werk Frauenfeld

Location: Frauenfeld, Switzerland; 47°33'21.3"N 8°52'14.9"E
Client: Schweizer Zucker AG (SZU)
Year: 2015 – 2017

Content: Process water treatment
Services provided by BHU: 

Design, engineering, supply of special equipment, installation, commissioning of the deaerator

Project Data:
Raw water type:
River water
Product water: Treated river water for use as process water
Capacity: Sludge flow 140 m3/h
                Gas yield approx. 25 m3/h
Technology: Deaerator between Lime sludge collector and Clarifier


Südzucker Ochsenfurt

Location:  Ochsenfurt / Germany; 49°40'06.5"N 10°04'59.8"E
Client: Südzucker AG
Year: 2012 – 2014

Content: Anaerobic preparation of beets washing water through preacidification and methanization (anaerobic treatment step)
Services provided by BHU: 

Design, engineering, supply errection, installation and commissioning of the preacidification reactor, the methane reactor, the degassing unit and sludge thickening and equipment room.

Project Data:

Raw water type: beets washing water

Product water: methane gas for energy, pre-treated water for                           the following aerobic treatment step

Capacity: 45.000 kg CSB/d

Technology: reduction of the CSB-load in the waste water                             through methanization

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