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References: Municipal Sludge Treatment

STP Focsani & Digestion Plant of the STP Focsani

Location: Focsani / ROM

Client: SC Compania de Utilitate Publice SA

Year: 2006 – 2009

Content: Turn-key realization of a sewage treatment plant for municipal waste water with mesophilic biogas production + energy recovery
Services provided by BHU: 

Design, engineering, supply of equipment, supervision of installation, commissioning of the sewage treatment plant, 1 year operation supervision 

Project Data:
Raw water type:
Municipal waste water
Product water: Treated effluent according to local standards

Standards: BSB/BOD 25 ppm, CSB/COD 125 ppm, TSS 35                        ppm, TN 15 ppm, TP 2 ppm

Capacity: 129.500 EW / P.E.

                Qd 40.000 /d

                Qh max. 8.000 /h
Technology: Screening

                    Aerated sand trap

                    Primary sedimentation

                    Aerated sludge treatment

                    Secondary clarifier

                    Sludge treatment (incl. digestion)

                    Biogas desulphurisation

                    Co-generation unit

Digester Volume: 4000 

Capacity of the biogasholders: 400 + 400 

Electric power cogenerators: 124 + 124 kW

Average daily production: 4350 kW

Energy recovery for station needs: min. 35%

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